What is SteakBank ?


“To maximize the utility of underlying token by enhancing liquidity and unlocking the latent value of all staked assets. Fostering a more vibrant, low cost and efficient DeFi ecosystem that embraces all different demographics of participants, be it early participants or newcomers.”


SteakBank is a multi-asset staking platform for users to participate in validating the respective chain, while at the same time freeing the value locked in it. This is done by issuing a BEP20 liquid derivative token representing the staked token's value on the Binance Smart Chain. Liquid token will be represented with an "L" infront of their usual ticker (i.e BNB -> LBNB) SteakBank Token will be represented with the ticker symbol "SBF"


Main Features

The main feature allows users to use these
liquid tokens to gain 💸 extra yields % by using these Liquid tokens to participate in liquidity pools or generate interest in the lending/borrowing markets.
  • ​
    Liquify them, and keep them in
    Vault and Farms


On top of maximizing yields, different assets will have other different features that benefit the stakers of different chains.

BNB Specific features

i.e. for BNB staking:
  • Dynamic yield maximizing across multiple validators
  • Early unlock from staking
  • No loss of stake even if the validator is jailed.
The project will start with BNB for a start, before expanding into other assets.
Taste the sweet sizzling juicy yields on top of the cooked "steak" !!

Last modified 2yr ago