"More like a To-do List"
While the industry calls it a Roadmap, we prefer to call it a "to-do" list due to the ever-changing nature of crypto. We adapt ourselves accordingly and ship products fast. The to-do list will be in no particular order, with no particular timeline. Nevertheless, we might set some internal goals for ourselves.

Main SteakBank.Finance upgrade

    Complete SteakBank protocol V1 solidity contracts, including BNB staking and farming
    Complete SteakBank protocol V1 APP
    Complete SteakBank protocol V1 solidity contracts audit
    Launch Mainnet
    Unstaking Speed up option. (Via burning SBF)
2021 Q3
    SBF governance Voting
      Anon-voting ( Already partnered, awaiting announcement)
    UIUX Design
    Lending and Borrowing
      LBNB & BNB
      Full suites with other additional assets
    Complete SteakBank tokenomicsV2
      Harvest all & stake all
      Faster site
      Mobile friendly
      Long term lockup staking ( Aged Steak)
    Complete SteakBank protocol V2 solidity contracts audit
    Complete SteakBank protocol V2 APP
2021 Q4
    Implement Liquid staking for other chains (Horizontal expansion)
    Running a Validator node
Other Products
    Info & Analytics Dashboard
    Flash yield
    Leverage farming

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