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"More like a To-do List"
While the industry calls it a Roadmap, we prefer to call it a "to-do" list due to the ever-changing nature of crypto. We adapt ourselves accordingly and ship products fast. The to-do list will be in no particular order, with no particular timeline. Nevertheless, we might set some internal goals for ourselves.

Main SteakBank.Finance upgrade

  • Complete SteakBank protocol V1 solidity contracts, including BNB staking and farming
  • Complete SteakBank protocol V1 APP
  • Complete SteakBank protocol V1 solidity contracts audit
  • Launch Mainnet
  • Unstaking Speed up option. (Via burning SBF)
2021 Q3
  • SBF governance Voting
    • Anon-voting ( Already partnered, awaiting announcement)
  • UIUX Design
  • Lending and Borrowing
    • LBNB & BNB
    • Full suites with other additional assets
  • Complete SteakBank tokenomicsV2
    • Harvest all & stake all
    • Faster site
    • Mobile friendly
    • Long term lockup staking ( Aged Steak)
  • Complete SteakBank protocol V2 solidity contracts audit
  • Complete SteakBank protocol V2 APP
2021 Q4
  • Implement Liquid staking for other chains (Horizontal expansion)
  • Running a Validator node
Other Products
  • Info & Analytics Dashboard
  • Flash yield
  • Leverage farming