Deflationary Mechanics

Deflationary Mechanics:

At present,
    SBF token is held for voting
    SBF token will be burned
    as fees when minting LBNB & redeeming BNB
        When minting LBNB, 0.05% LBNB will be deducted as staking fee. When redeeming BNB, 0.05% LBNB will be deducted as unstaking fees
        The stake fee and unstake fee will be collected into communityTaxVault. These fees will be used to buy SBF from Pancake swap, and the SBF will be burned immediately.
        Governance token will provide the right to trigger the burn operations.
    SBF token can be burned
    to accelerate unstaking of liquid token from the validator nodes
    SBF token can be locked up to farm for more SBF tokens.
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