AKA redeeming BNB from LBNB

Redeeming BNB

User who holds LBNB will be able to redeem BNB, according to the Total LBNB/BNB ratio.
The unstaking process of BNB is a fixed 7 days for direct Binance Chain(BC) Validators. SteakBank.Finance has the ability to withdraw in less than 7 days ( ≤ 7 days ), with the upper limit set as the same as Direct BC Validators.
As the number of users grows, the probability of earlier unstake will be higher and faster. This is because the ability for early unstake works in the way whereby newcomers who would like to stake, could net off the amount of BNB that users would like to unstake.
For example: If there is a user A looking to stake 100 BNB, and another user B looking to unstake 70 BNB, then all 70 BNB can be unstake in a day.
However, if it is the other way round, with user A looking to stake 70 BNB, and user B wanting to unlock 100 BNB, 70 BNB can be unstaked in a day but the 30 BNB will be queued up.
When multiple users try to unstake during a period, all the prior pending unstakes will have been fulfilled, before fulfilling the current one. Volunteers in our community will be in charge of claiming all “mature unstakes”. Users don't need to do anything and their unstaked BNB will be paid to their wallets automatically.