SBF - SteakBank

Functions of SBF token.

Main functions of SBF tokens

  • 🧙♂ SBF functions as the governance token of our platform.

  • 💵 Fee Burn

    • SBF will be burned 🔥 when minting LBNB & redeeming BNB. (Burning details to be found under the tokenomics section.)

  • Accelerate withdrawals

    • Users have the option to burn 🔥 SBF to accelerate their queue if their LBNB is queued for unstaking. ( Parameters for the burn can also be decided via governance voting in the future.)

What's that 0.1% Fee Burn when you can use the minted token to yield farm 👨🌾 for another extra 2 or 3 digits % APR.

Cut the Queue right now and Squeeze dem 🥩 sweet juicy yields!!!